The prototype


We have a prototype you can test out below

available features:

  • Registration
  • Login
  • Creating a new project
  • List of available projects




What could it look like?

Some mockup images of our project:

What is the project all about?

If you haven’t already please read the ‘about’ page to get a better idea of what we are doing.

Our group’s idea what we finally decided to pursue was a web portal which connects students from different departments of studies such as information technology, business and graphical design. For example if a student with a website project needs help onĀ  graphical design on creating the website, he or she can search for a partner with such a skill from the portal by leaving a request for a graphical designer with the skill he or she needs. A partner can apply to an existing project by searching a project of interest he or she can contribute and apply for the place. After a partner has been accepted to a new project all members of the project make a promise on the completion date.

The login details would be linked to your facebook account to add more credibility and trust. You receive points by completing projects successfully and on time. You also would have the added benefit of showing your collaborated projects to your future employer, if you have been in a project with a parter from another country even better.